Authentic Dating: Sync Ancient Cycle Wisdom with Dating & Win in Love

Did you know, that there is a deep connection between your femininity, your menstrual cycle, and how you show up in the world – in terms of work, dating and relationships?

Who is Karin Gambaracci?

Karin Gambaracci is a dating coach for strong women. She’s mostly based in Germany with her husband and daughter, but is of Italian origin. She helps high achieving women to from intimidating to fascinating and attract a committed relationship. Her success rate with her 1:1 clients are above 70%! She’s one dating coach whose thoughtful dating advice and material aligns with my message!

Why am I recommending her Authentic Dating Program?

At the beginning of June 2021, Karin Gambaracci wrote to me and asked if I could enroll in her newly released Authentic Dating program.
Authentic Dating is an online self-paced relationship and dating course centered around feminine energy, mood, and hormones in the different stages of the menstrual cycle.

The understanding was if I liked it and found it useful, I could then recommend it to my audience. I took her up on it for 3 reasons. First, I am always eager to learn more and expand my knowledge about femininity even though I have a digital book (High-Value Feminine Woman; Rediscovering Your Femininity) with 50+ positive reviews. Second, I have used a period tracker for close to a decade now just to be well prepared when that time of the month comes and new useful ways of using the data are always welcome. Third, I had also tried, on occasion, to understand how to bio-hack my cycle for productivity but never really managed to crack the code. So naturally, I was curious. What was the relation between my cycle and my dating life, work-life, and life in general? Was I missing something? What would I discover in the course?

I went through the course fairly quickly. It is short, value-packed, and well taught.  Then I spent the entire month of June, and the first week of July comparing what I had learned in the course against my mood, energy, and thoughts based on my cycle.

And what were my findings? For the first time in my life, I was able to anticipate the energy and mood changes that were likely to happen in the coming week. This helped me to plan my activities and days in ways that allowed me to be productive without neglecting/suppressing my femininity. I also found her dating advice to be very useful. For example, she advises paying attention to the irritability you feel just before your period (PMS) to let go of things that are no longer serving you because your body is getting ready to let go too.


How & what will you learn?

The Authentic Dating program is an online course, that is self-paced and well structured to help you apply the course content as soon as you start. Karin Gambaracci has broken down the cycle into four parts, and  very rightfully so, likens them to the four seasons:

  • INNER WINTER –  which is day 1-5 of the cycle (period time)   
  • INNER SPRING – which is day 6-11 of your cycle (time after the period)
  • INNER SUMMER – day 12-19 of your cycle (ovulation time)
  • INNER AUTUMN – day 20-27 of your cycle (that time where PMS symptoms tend to be high)


And for each of these four parts of the cycle, she offers practical dating advice for 3 scenarios most ladies could be in; single, just started dating an interesting man, and dating/in a relationship a great man for more than a month and what to do at each time of the cycle.

What's the Investment?

 The course investment is $97. Or you can start today for as little as $37, and make two other payments of $37 after you start.

Having found the Authentic Dating course to be highly practical and useful, I learned so much about my body and my cycle that I had not heard anywhere else, and I wish more ladies knew about what she’s teaching. By now, it should be clear that I highly recommend it. It’s worth passing down to your daughters, sharing with your sisters or girlfriends or even your mother!

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