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The challenge will help you map out  a clear framework on what leading an elegant lifestyle for yourself would look like, guided with a 5 step framework you will absolutely love.

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First track your success in your level up journey by investing in well researched professional and well packaged information that will help you acquire the confidence that you need to move forward. The time and energy that you save, and what you learn will then be used to make tangible progress and seize the opportunities that are all around you so that you can stop leading a mediocre life!


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Learn everything you need to know to create your own unique and elegant, sophisticated and classy style that will make you stand out.


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Rediscover  the irresistible, alluring and charming woman you have always kept locked inside and regain your feminine power and grace.

About elegance handbook

Hello & Welcome

The Elegance Handbook provides Content and resources to help over 40,000 modern educated women LEVEL UP and transform into polished, high value, feminine & elegant ladies.

As women, we have made great professional and academic strides in the past century, it’s now time for us to be well educated and informed on how to excel romantically, socially and personally without suppressing our femininity, or losing our grace and poise.


Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a precise levelling up guide?

Every level-up journey is unique, because we have different backgrounds, goals, aspirations and perspectives. But the solid foundations are the same, and this is what this manual will be all about. Eliminate the guesswork and invest the saved time and energy making leaps in your progress.


Your content is exemplary

I have received etiquette lessons before but never in such a summed up version that makes it so easy to revise the key points whenever you need them.