The 7 Day Classy Lady Email Challenge

Every woman has in her the potential to become an elegant polished woman. So, if you have come to a point in your life where being casual is no longer enough and you want more grace and refined taste in your life, this challenge is for you!

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What Will Be Covered

Over the next 7 days, you will receive a value packed email a day to help youbecome a more classy woman. Each email will give you tips and resources on how to improve your style, etiquette, feminine presence, posture, speech, finances and environment . Here’s what to expect by day:



how to have elegant style

The first thing people notice about you is your appearance, not your amazing kind hearted personality. So how can you make style work for you, and the image you want to project?


how to become more refined

How come some women seem more refined that others? Is it innate or can it be learned? Are you able to set yourself to become a more refined and sophisticated woman? Let’s find out!


how to become magnetic

When you think of all the elegant women in your life, and those in media and film, you will realize they all have one subtle yet very powerful quality; they embody their feminine essence with ease. Day 3 is all about becoming magnetic yourself!


how to look confident (even when you are not!)

For a woman, confidence is the best accesory, and on day 4, we scratch the surface on how to send the message that you are a self-assured lady who is open for whatever great opportunities life has to offer!


how to speak with class

Did you know that while appearance accounts for 55% of your first impressions, the way you speak also matters, and accounts for 38% of your first impression, and only 7% of what you say factors into your first impression? Discover how to elevate your speech!


how to maintain an elegant lifestyle

Leading the soft luxurious life has a cost. How do you upgrade and maintain it? How do you ensure that you have the resources you need to lead a rich elegant life? Day 6 will offer you resources to make you more savvy!


how to surround yourself with elegance

On Day 7, the challenge is all about where you live, who you surround yoursself with, and your home, and how to raise the bar for these to make you more classy and elegant!

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And the Best Part is...

the challenge starts right away

No need to wait for days and days to get started. Your life starts changing the minute you open the first day email challenge. And that is today!

it's short and precise, no fluff

It’s also possible to go through the emails as many times as you want, to get as much value as you can in your own time. 

exclusive discount code just for you

You will receive an exclsuive discount code to the Elegance Bundle. It’s time limited, so make sure to use it before it expires!

What Are You Waiting For?

The thing about levelling up, is that you cannot rush your transformation. You cannot skip the process. And this Classy Lady Challenge, will help you acheive the real change you have been desiring and dreaming about. It is time for you to level up, because you deserve a better lifestyle, experiences and better relationships.

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