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The 3-Day Elegance Challenge

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    " Thank you for sharing the gems you have discovered during your journey!"

    I want to let you know that I absolutely love this challenge! I always thought being elegant had to do with your mindset, the way you dress and being rich. I had no clue about the masculine and feminine energy and how important the relationships with men are (family, friends, romantic). Thank you for sharing the gems you have discovered during your journey! Warm regards, Irma

    -IRMA. R.

    Key Gains from the Challenge


    You will map out your dream life based on your desire

    Get clear on what you want for yourself. Sometimes your inner most desires are hidden deep within or under daily life responsibilities. This leads you to operate on autopilot. Day 1 will help you map out your dream life!


    You will know and root out your confidence killers

    If your internal dialogue involves remarks like “what will people say?” “I am not good enough” and “I don’t want to embarrass myself” Day 2 which tackles Confidence was designed just for you. You will your confidence killers head on, and discover actionable steps you need to take to become more confident.


    You will discover some of your femininity blocks, how to make your wardrobe work & key areas to invest in as you level up

    Your femininity, your style and what you choose to invest in when you level up, are key pieces to the puzzle that is elegance. Day 4 (femininity), Day 5 (your style) & Day 7(level-up framework) will help you see where you should start.


      "I really struggle with confidence but I love how you are being open with us and sharing tips and your personal struggles and that comforts me to know that others face these challenges."

      I’m enjoying the challenge so far and learning so much. I feel encouraged to be more involved in my elegance journey knowing that I am doing this with many other ladies.   It has helped me to realize that if I want to truly live the life I want I need to step out of my comfort zone and take action. I also need to allow room for more learning and mistakes. It’s all part of the journey! The video on femininity was very helpful as you opened my eyes on that self-care is more than the physical pampering and that I should address the issues I am bitter about, as they will inhibit me resting fully in my femininity. Overall, this has been quite informative and I look forward to learning more from you and this wonderful community. I’m inspired to implement all that I’ve learned and anyone who hasn’t joined this challenge I urge to do so.


      And the Best Part is...

      You WILL receive 3 free resources

      To help you take even more steps, you will receive 2 FREE workbooks and 1 PDF to help you implement!


      In case you want to go over  a step, the videos are there for you to watch again and again without limit!

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      "It has really been a game changer for me!"

      Hello Elegance Handbook! I hope you are doing well. I wanted to write and thank you for this awesome program for it has really opened my eyes to what has prevented me to becoming what I want and how I can overcome my challenges. It has really been a game changer for me and I am always seeing improvements in myself!
      – MADISON L.M.

      What Are You Waiting For?

      Nowhere else will you find such a great resource, to help you make real steps to level up and in such a short amount of time.  Delivered over email for 7 days, the content is designed to help you visualize your dream life, gain the confidence you need to pursue it, and help you in the areas of style, femininity and highlight the areas you need to invest in so that you level up. It starts as soon as you sign up. Your elegant life is waiting for you on the other side. Well, get on it 🙂