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Discover how to tone down your masculine energy, how to overcome the limiting beliefs and thoughts that suppress your femininity, how to nurture your femininity, how to be goal driven at work but charming and feminine with your man, how to make him find you irresistible and have him pursuing you while dating and also in a relationship. You will also learn how to walk, talk, speak and behave like a feminine woman.

Ever wondered why you, as a smart intelligent lady, succeeds in everything else, but when it comes to men, things just don't seem to work out?

Do you find that you often attract emotionally unavailable men? Or that your relationship pattern is that: you meet a great man, things start intensely, and then after a while they just fizzle out? And this happens over and over again?  Are you tired of feeling helpless seeing your relationship crumble even after putting in so much effort to keep it alive? Do you have a difficult time being receptive to gifts, compliments, and/or being taken care of? Are you always taking care of others, and it seems there is no one to take care of you?

If you answered yes to most of the questions above,

Rediscovering Your Femininity is for you!

I wrote this step by step guide to help modern, independent, successful,  intelligent women like you to win in love too!

By going through it, you will discover:


"The Elegance Handbook II  goes much deeper than fashion elegance - it helped me to start shifting energies within my marriage (where I was not being treated like a lady because I acted like a man!)."

It covers femininity in different stages of relationships, workplace as well as practical and handy tips for looking, dressing and behaving elegantly 🌷 And my favorite part is that it is straightforward and PRACTICAL – it makes you reprogram your beliefs in a soft way and it’s packed full of actions you can take immediately.

Here's what you'll learn

Each of the sections below is value packed. There are worksheets at the end of each to speed up your transformation process. 

chapter 1: Personal Branding & Making Great First Impressions

You will learn how to perform a personal branding audit so that you project first impressions that elevate your personal image. A worksheet is provided.

chapter 2: what values drive you and your style?

You will learn what values drive your purchasing decisions, and how to align your clothing purchases with your personal goals. A worksheet is provided.

Chapter 3: understanding the language of clothes

You will discover how to use garment elements to camouflage your flaws, distract and direct attention to desired areas. A worksheet will also be provided.

chapter 4: What's Your Style Personality?

You will learn how to identify your top three style personality traits, and how you can make your style elegant and feminine. A worksheet is provided.

chapter 5: how to wear color like a pro!

Perhaps one of the best-kept secrets in and by the fashion industry is that not every color will suit you. Discover how to wear color like a pro.

chapter 6: Lifestyle Review: Make Your Style Work Everyday​

Best practices on how to perform a lifestyle review, so that you can make your wardrobe practical and functional based on your current lifestyle.

chapter 7: curating a wardrobe you love

Learn how to declutter and curate your wardrobe in a refreshing way that will have a long-lasting impact, and how where to purchase expensive-looking items. A worksheet is also provided.

There’s also a whole chapter with 7 ways you can use your feminine skills at work to get that raise or promotion faster!.

rediscover your femininity, become irresistable

Ready to transform into a high value feminine woman?

Discover how to foster an emotionally satisfying and strong relationship with a high-value masculine man. Yes, this intimacy can be yours without you losing your self-drive, your personality or boundaries as a feminine woman in the relationship!

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want to tap into your femininity?

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"The book helped me understand my feminine and masculine energy and start acting and being more feminine in my daily life."

I already finished reading the book and I absolutely adore it! You explain everything in a clear and understandable way. And also, the worksheets are really helping me with my journey.

Have a burning question?

Absolutely yes. The benefits of tapping into your feminine energy extend into your quality of life, your social interactions and even at work. In fact, there is a whole chapter with ways you can use your feminine energy to improve your working experience!

You will find new ways of igniting the flame in your relationship, how to foster even more intimacy, emotional closeness, and how to celebrate your high value masculine man!

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