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business etiquette

Gain skills that will help you get ahead at the workplace, by enrolling  in the Business Etiquette & International Protocol self paced online course and study at your convenient time.

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social etiquette

We recommend British social etiquette since they have the most refined Western etiquette; and when you master their etiquette, you will also be fluent in American and continental etiquette.

Your investment will be $169. Use the discount code “elegance135be” get $33 off.

fine dining etiquette

Fine dining is more than just about which cutlery to use. This is where your social and communication skills get tested. How you interact with others at the table shows how well-cultured you are.

Become refined for just $55, by using the discount code “elegance55dining”.

Kindly Note, the social etiquette course, is inclusive of the fine dining etiquette course, and thus, you do not need to enroll in both.

Fine dining etiquette, social etiquette, or business etiquette?

the choice is yours!

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