Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the frequently asked questions about Rediscovering Your Femininity, The Level Up Strategy Guide and the Classy Style Course. Can’t find your question or answer? Send us an email at contact@elegancehandbook.com

Rediscovering Your Femininity

We also love the feel of physical pages. However, currently, the book is only available in digital format. Which is a  great thing, since you will get instant access and start rediscovering your femininity right away.

Since the book is available in digital format, you can purchase it from whichever country in the world you are in, no matter the continent.

82 pages. It is simple and concise to read. It also has worksheets to help you apply whatever you have read in the chapter.

The platform we use is safe and secure, and it should Credit cards. Debit Cards, PayPal. Google Pay and Apple Pay. Kindly contact us via email to see what the issue could be.

The Feminine & Elegant Style Course

You will able to transform your style from casual, plain and boring to feminine and elegant using practical style guidance from a Certified Image Consultant.

1.How to Dress for Your Lifestyle, and to understand your style in depth and what to do to make it elegant and feminine. (Value $197)

2. How to Dress for Your Body Shape (Value $97)
3. How to Wear Your Best Colors (Value $297)

Once you purchase you will get a 10% Discount code for a full professional color analysis, in addition to a $197 Self-Color Analysis Guide offered as a 100% FREE bonus.

You will have a guaranteed 12 month access to the course and any updates made during that time. You will also receive the Classy Style Guide Handbook for future reference purposes. This is yours to keep forever.

The Level Up Strategy Guide Course

You will eliminate the overwhelm, confusion and lack of direction in your level up journey by gaining clarity on what to focus on, how to set your boundaries and standards, how to vet the men who come into your life, and how to network to level-up your circle! It’s a steal for sure!

1. The Strategy Guide (Value $97) – How to Plan Your Level-Up using the exclusive 5-Step Elegance Handbook Framework

2. The Vetting Guide – (Value $97) How to Set Boundaries and Standards, and How to Identify the High-Quality Man

3. The Networking Guide – (Value $37) which lists places and ways to network with the affluent, influential and high-quality people.

This course is suitable for you if you are at the start of your level-up journey, whether single or married, or you have hit  plateau in your transformation.

You will have a guaranteed 12 month access to the course and any updates made during that time. You will also FREE workbooks and the Networking Guide for future reference purposes. These are yours to keep forever.

How to Meet High Value Men and Women

Yes, with the Level Up Strategy Guide you get this as a BONUS for free.

The places listed in the ebook will also work in meeting female friends because it is a book about networking, building connections and new friendships. In fact, in the ebook I encourage singles not to go to the places with the laser intention of meeting a man (this will send out desperate energy). Instead, they should network and level up while at this places, so that they will be in the line of sight of potential mates.

The first topic I cover in this networking guide is confidence and how to overcome your confidence killers and how to stand out!

The listed ways to network are not country specific, they can work in any of the 5 continents. Whichever country you live in, the suggested places will work – you should be able to tailor them to suit your interests, situation in life and natural inclinations.