Woo-hoo! Congratulations

on taking this step!

Before all else, take a moment to celebrate this investment in yourself and your personal growth!

Choosing to seek out coaching and guidance for your life goals is a big deal, because you are a big deal!
As you celebrate, take this time to also commit yourself, that you will take action on whatever we discuss in the power session because knowledge+ insight+ action = power.

Step One: Let Me Know What You Need

Here are a few important things you get to do, to ensure that out session will be as impactful and value packed as possible.

Step1: Fill in this intake questionnaire & take your wheel of life assessment as soon as you can. The aim is to get clarity over the issues you would like to address in the coaching, as I will use your responses to plan out your sessions.  Therefore, be thoughtful and thorough when filling these forms!

Step 2: After I go through your responses, I will send you the coaching agreement. When you receive email with your coaching agreement, kindly read it carefully, and then  sign it.

Step 3: After you are done signing your contract, you can either book in your coaching session in the last section of this page, or you can use the link that I will send in your welcome email with an outline of what to expect based on your responses in the questionaire and assessment forms above!

Step Two: The Essential Details

Need help? Send an email to contact@elegancehandbook.com
Otherwise, see you in our call!

Step Three: Book Your Session!

Click this button to book your slot! 

Can’t wait to see you & work with you!

P. S: To maintain a healthy work-life balance, I do not have coaching calls on Sundays and Mondays.  Also, so that I can have adequate time to prepare for your session, you can only book 48 hours in advance, and a week (7 days) into the future.