Invest in this step-by-step guide packed with IMAGE CONSULTING STYLING SECRETS that will help you create an elegant wardrobe you truly love.

step by step guide on elegant dressing

Ready to look elegant?

Whether you like it or not, what you wear and your physical appearance accounts for 55% of your first impressions all day, every day.


It’s time for you to always look your best, feel confident in your clothes and seize the opportunities that come your way by making great first impressions (because you are a winner!).

Yes, you can go from "I have nothing to wear - I hate my clothes - Nothing fits me - I can't mix and match" to "I looove my wardrobe!"

The reason why generic fashion advice in fashion magazines or on the internet does not work for you, is because it fails to recognize your uniqueness as an individual.  Clothes are mass produced for everybody and anybody and that’s why you buy clothes you hardly wear. The truth is, you have your unique body shape, your unique personality clothing style, and your values which affect how you should shop, where you shop and the look you are going for. 

To help you FINALLY overcome the frustration of unflattering looks/outfits, I have specifically designed and value packed the Dress Elegantly online course with image consulting STYLING SECRETS to help you learn what truly works for you, so that you can , LOGICALLY learn the pieces you should invest in, METHODICALLY eliminate what does not work for you and at last, have a wardrobe that YOU TRULY LOVE.

Hania Makram

So far the course is superb!! It is different than any fashion e-book or online course.

The content is so new, unique and fun!  Excellent job with the course it is very beneficial to learn what you put into the course. It is full of good information and made me see style in a different way! And the information, videos you included for the “body shape outfit examples” was priceless!!!

In the Dress Elegantly Course, you will gain practical and valuable styling information that you will apply for the rest of your life.

You will also see and understand why your image is anything but superficial. It is an authentic part of who you are. The modules, which are paced out over 7 days, are as follows:


Personal branding is key. Discover the wardrobe mismatch between your current lifestyle and future goals and fix it!

Discover the secret of feminine dressing

Learn what to look for when shopping for more feminine dressing – this could include shopping your wardrobe!

Discover your style personality

The only way to dress more feminine is if you know what needs to change in a logical and practical way!


Understand, with examples, the logic behind clothing guides for your body shape and suitable clothes. No more guessing!


Fix the “I have nothing to wear, and I hate my clothes” situations using a logical process and build a wardrobe you love !


Wouldn’t it be wonderful to smell fresh and clean all day and also know which accessories and jewelry are suitable for you?

Elegance Handbook DRess Elegantly Course

I love the first part of the dress elegantly course. It has made me look at all of my clothes so differently.

I have realized that a lot of it is much too boxy with too many horizontal lines for my figure. Also gave me some good information about my lifestyle and the types of clothes I should focus on having in my wardrobe. I am excited for the next chapter ❤️

This is for you if:

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Ready to look more feminine?

Elegance Handbook

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All Your Questions Answered

By March 2021, there will be an eBook with all the information in the course, which will be yours to keep forever.

Only within 48 hours after the start of the course, not having gone past Module 01 of the course.

The course is worth more than $127 since it will save you money going forward as you will  learn not to spend on clothes which are not for you. It will also help you relieve the stress you have when dressing. This and more, for only $67 at the launch offer. That’s a steal!

The guarantee is your commitment; for everything in life that calls for change, personal commitment and determination is called for. The course will provide all the information you need, but the changes in your wardrobe depend 100% on you.

Through the Thinkific online course platform. You will receive a link as soon as you purchase, which will take you to the login page. In the course, the content is delivered through video, text and the Elegance handbook learn.elegancehandbook.com platform.

As soon as you start the course, the content will be delivered to you in the next 6 days after commencement. This is to ensure you do not get overwhelmed since wardrobe changes tend to be emotional and challenging and we would like for you to have the best experience with the guide.

You can use either Paypal or your card.

You are encouraged to email post purchase questions for a quick response as soon as possible.

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