Get $25 off: Myka Meier's Beautmont's Etiquette Online Finishing Program

Learn about etiquette, manners, and deportment from a world class etiquette coach.

Who is Myka Meier?

Before we dive deep into what you will learn in the online finishing program, If you are unfamiliar with Myka Meier, she is a top etiquette coach. She attended the Institut Villa Pierrefeu – which is Switzerland’s last traditional finishing school. And she’s also formally trained and certified in Continental, American, and British etiquette, in addition to having 10+ years of experience in the luxury, lifestyle, and fashion spaces.


Why am I recommending this program?

From time to time, I receive requests to do classes on etiquette, so I reached it to Beaumont Etiquette run by Myka Meier back in mid-2021, and now ladies in my audience will receive an exclusive $25 off using the code “EH25” to her online finishing program.

I have personally gone through the online program finishing program. I especially like the Empower section (there are 5 different sections which I will cover in detail below), which gives concrete information on how to be a powerful presence and brand, how to network, (also offers conversation starters), and how to work a room. All the lessons are about enhancing social skills and being cultured. You will learn how to become the most polished and confident version of yourself. It’s absolute gold!


The 5-Steps of the Online Finishing Program that you'll cover

This virtual program instructs Western practices, is intended for all genders, and recommended for young adults and adults from around the globe. Please note, a certificate of attendance, completion or certification is not offered for this program, and it is intended for one user per payment.

The 5 steps in the online finishing program by Myka Meier that you will cover extensively once you enroll are:

STEP 1: TRANSFORM This section is all about helping you look and feel more polished. It covers your first impression, what others notice about you, how to hold your bag, how to enter a room, grooming, jewelry etiquette, dress codes, sitting positions, voice work, how to sound sophisticated, how to be charming (absolutely loved this one), how to make proper introductions, etc. All these have actionable steps that you can apply immediately..

STEP 2: ATTRACT – This step is all about building your charisma and likeability, and how to overcome your fear of interacting with new people. I absolutely love that she offers 7+ new ways to become more charming and likable. If you tend to feel invisible or you have no clue what to do to create rapport and connections, you will love this section. I gained several gems and really liked how practical the suggestions are.

STEP 3: EMPOWER – This section is all about networking from a confident and empowered position especially in a new crowd or scene. It offers amazing networking tips on how to be a powerful brand and presence, the appropriate time to arrive at different events, how to start and keep conversations going, and how to handle bad etiquette. This is my favorite section because I believe in the power of networking, and weak ties as I have shared many times before.

STEP 4: THRIVE – This section dives into the foundational continental dining etiquette you need, it covers how to use silverware and glassware correctly, and proper manners around the table. Since most socializing has to involve some form of dining and drinking, this section is an absolute must. Myka Meier also gives clear explanations why some rules of etiquette are followed, and simple ways to remember what you need to do with your cutlery.

STEP 5: PRACTICE – This step is all about putting into action what you have learned in steps 1-4. The online finishing program is practically packaged and each section and video is useful.


How will you learn?

All this is done online, and you will receive email instructions on how to access the learning material. Therefore, no matter where you are in the world, you will polish yourself up from the comforts of your own home. Once you enroll, you will have access to;

  • 78 different instructional videos ranging from (1-8) minutes each created by Myka Meier. The topics covered include dining manners to social graces, elegant dressing and grooming, social skills, confidence, likability training, networking, how to become instantly more polished and graceful, and much more. As a bonus, there is a 30- minute makeup tutorial with a celebrity make-up artist. 
  • 14 printable and interactive worksheets, and 17 Printable handouts. These guided worksheets, printable PDFs and practice activities are provided throughout the training to help you get the most out of this course.
  • One live 1.5-hour virtual group training session and Q&A to ask Myka anything. The live will be a pre-scheduled virtual group training session on Zoom where you will virtually meet Myka to ask her any specific questions you may have.

*Kindly note that this program is taught in English and is available with captions. All materials are copyrighted. It is illegal to copy, replicate, share, record, stream or distribute any videos or material included in our virtual programming.

What's the Investment?

The course investment is $450. And once you make the payment, you will have unlimited access to the learning platform for one month. But, when any new material is added in future months, you will receive an invitation to access the new material FREE OF CHARGE. (I’m a ferocious learner, and I personally took 3 days to complete it. If you need a longer time to complete, you can write to Beautmont Etiquette, and considerations will be made.) You may take as many notes as you wish, as well as rewind or pause the course lessons at any time.

There is one live group training virtual session included which will be a pre-scheduled time. If you can not make your designated live training time, you will be invited to join the next. When I attended the live, Myka Meier had prepared learning material based on questions submitted by other students, and the session was very interactive.

I am absolutely happy to recommend this online finishing program because it is so well done, and also very useful. Especially if want to be polished, and taught by a world class etiquette coach for a fraction of the price of her normal live trainings.

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