Free Bonus: Self- Color Analysis to Wear Colors that Make You GLOW

Discover, in less than 90 minutes, what are the best colors for you to wear and how they will make you look livelier, radiant and elegant — no matter your gender, race or age!

Who is Jen Thoden?

Jen is the founder of Your Color Style® an exclusive color system comprising of color palettes, products and programs to help women discover the colors that flatter them best. And so, she will help you discover your best colors, so that you can walk into a room with confidence because the color you are wearing is perfect on you. This self-color analysis (worth $197) that is a 100% off bonus once you purchase any of our style courses is by Your Color Style.

What is a color analysis?

Perhaps one of the best-kept secrets in and by the fashion industry is that you need to have your color analysis done to look your best. Why? Because without this knowledge, you will spend your money buying clothes year after year  in colors that will never suit you.

Finding your best colors requires a color analysis. Color analysis is “a technical method of determining the colors and tones that harmonize best with a person’s specific complexion in order to customize and elevate wardrobe and beauty care selections.” The natural coloring of your features – the hair, skin, and eyes, will be put into consideration, so that you can look amazing!

To have the color analysis done, you either visit a professional color analyst, an image consultant or perform a self-color analysis.

That is why I am excited about the two options you have in this partnership. You can either gain 100% off access to the $197 self-color analysis bonus by purchasing our style courses, or you can use the code “Elegance10” to get the 10% off discount your professional color analysis.


Want the 10% OFF Discount code for the Professional Color Analysis?

For this option, you will not get access to any of our style courses, or the self-color analysis bonus. You will only use the code to get 10% off your professional color analysis by Your Color Style. Want to see all the steps involved in a professional color analysis? Click here to see the step-by-step details on what to expect from start to finish.  You will receive your e-book detailing your color analysis, your digital color palette, neutrals, and 6 of your best colors plus your customized color wheel so that you can see how you can combine all of your colors.


Want the 100% OFF Self-Color Analysis Bonus?

If you have answered yes to the above question, or you would like to first self-analyze yourself before going ahead with the professional color analysis, you will discover, in less than 90 minutes, what are the best colors for you to wear and how they will make you look livelier, radiant and elegant — no matter your race or age! Here’s what you will learn when you purchase any of the style courses below, and gain FREE access to this $197 self-color analysis.


You will learn The importance of wearing the right colors

In the introduction video, we go through the importance and benefits of wearing the right colors, the effects of wearing the wrong colors, and the methodology that you will be guided through to make your color analysis.


You will be guided on how to find your right colors

In less than an hour, The Your Color Style analyst, Jen Thoden, will guide you through 3 important steps for FREE, to help you identify your color type so that you never have to guess again what works for you and what does not.


you will explore the different options now available to you based on your color type

There are 3 unique options that will now be available to you based on your color type. And if you want your color analysis done by color experts, there’s a special 10% OFF Discount Code just for you. Sign up already!

And the best part is...

You WILL start immediately YOU SIGN UP!

You can start as soon as you sign up, all you need is to set aside the time and find out your best colors!


Once you find arrive at your color palette, you will see  a prompt on how to get your FREE mini color palette!

yOU also get access to the 10% OFF code!

In case you want to go ahead and get yourself the professional color analysis, you still can use the code!

How can you get this bonus?

By enrolling in one of the classes below, or by getting the “Elegant Style Made Easy” Bundle. In the first class, you will learn how to dress for your personality and lifestyle, which accessories are best for you, and what makes for an elegant style. In the second class, you will learn how to dress your body shape once and for all. And you will learn why must-have lists do not work.

The investment for each of these classes is indicated in their respective pages. Be sure to read through to get a clear understanding of what you will be able to do about your style by purchasing the different classes.

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