how to meet high value men and women

Ready to level up your circle?

Ready to level up your circle and dating pool and ditch low-quality relationships? If yes, this networking guide is for you. It is value-packed with high-caliber and respectful ideas of places and ways you can meet the affluent, the influential, and more vibrant people.

If you are stuck at home wondering how to meet new people in higher classes, this networking guide "How to Meet High Value Men and Women" is for you!

Because the truth is, you are the sum of the people you have around you. As you level up, so too will your circles. And, if you are  single lady, a man will not fall into your laps while you snuggle yourself at home on the sofa. Dating is  a numbers game, and you need to put yourself in the line of sight of high caliber men, so that you can increase the chances of meeting your soul-mate. So how do you network in a high-calibre and respectable way?

It's not by putting yourself in awkward situations that give you uncomfortable stares

It's by positioning yourself in the right environment, with the right people, in a highly respectable way so that you become an essential part of your new circle!

And with this Networking guide, you don’t have to waste time wondering what to do, where to go, or how to behave. Here’s why,

After reading "How to Meet High-Value Men & Women", you will walk away:

"It was the first time I could relate so much about my feelings since the beginning of my level-up journey."

No matter where you are in the world, whether married or single, Covid or no Covid, here's what you will learn

Each of the sections below is value packed. And with each section, there are worksheets  to help you know exactly what steps you should be taking to elevate your circles.

improve your confidence

Learn how to get rid of your confidence killers so that shyness, insecurities and limiting beliefs will step out of your way and let you blossom into an authentic social butterfly,

personal branding & building rapport

Learn how to build long-lasting connections and how to have your personal branding at its absolute best (so that you can get the chance receive more intimate dinners and dates).

expand your network & increase your social capital

15 high-calibre and respectable ways that will place you in the line of sight of the affluent and influential circles. Learn the secret sauce that will get you in the door and keep you there!

online dating vetting guidance

Know how to weed out the jokers while online dating using premium and proven ways of meeting with high-value and high-quality dates. Includes 15+ dating sites!

First Date, wine and Dining Etiquette

Maintain the air of an elegant cultured lady using these first date tips, wine etiquette, wine selections and  food pairings for flawless ordering and proper dining etiquette.


free worksheets at the end of each section

To help you evaluate where you are now in each of these steps, so that you can make clear plans and strategies on what to do next. No more second guessing yourself!


Hello Elegance Handbook, just to say thank you for "How to Meet High Value Men and Women". It's just what I needed as I will be meeting new people this summer. I've just started reading and loving it already!

Network like a pro

Ready to elevate your life & lifestyle?

After reading this book, you will have plenty of ideas on where to go, based on your tastes and interests, and current situation in life (married or single, student or working professional, no matter your continent or country). Discover how the affluent and influential network and change your life!

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ready to elevate your circles?

Networking Guide-Elegance Handbook

"Honestly wish I could meet you and thank you for your knowledge. As the improved version of myself and with the guidance of your ebook about meeting high value people, I can see my and feel my confidence sky-rocket!

Frequently Asked Questions

The places listed in the ebook will also work in meeting female friends because it is a book about networking, building connections and new friendships. In fact, in the ebook I encourage singles not to go to the places with the laser intention of meeting a man (this will send out desperate energy). Instead, they should network and level up while at this places, so that they will be in the line of sight of potential mates.

The good thing about the suggestions made, you can select the ideas that work for you & use the provided networking tips to make progress and create a great impression in your new circle!

The listed ways to network are not country specific, they can work in any of the 5 continents. Whichever country you live in, the suggested places will work – you should be able to tailor them to suit your interests, situation in life and natural inclinations.

The first topic I cover in this networking guide is confidence and how to overcome your confidence killers and how to stand out!

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