The Elegance Handbook II  goes much deeper than fashion elegance – it helped me to start shifting energies within my marriage (where I was not being treated like a lady because I acted like a man!). It covers femininity in different stages of relationships, workplace as well as practical and handy tips for looking, dressing View Full →


I have read through your book and I absolutely love it! The layout is clear and I also appreciate the worksheets. These are great to really scrutinize on the several topics in the chapters. It was definietly a worthy investment. I am really looking forward to finishing it and buying Volume I. Thank you so View Full →


I love this book so much! This was the most educational, informative, instructional, and comprehensive guide on femininity I have read. Every chapter flowed into the next, and the tips, exercises, and tests provided in chapter 3 really lets you discover your feminine self and makes you learn so much about yourself. Excellent guide, very View Full →


I just started reading Volume II! The way you dissected masculinity and femininity blew my mind 🤯. I love it!!!❤️ I’m stoked! Since the engineering field is predominantly white male saturated I find myself, as a minority and female, trying to be more masculine so I’m not dismissed or overlooked. But, you removed the blindfold!! View Full →