Don't Trip: Learn How to Walk Comfortably in Heels Like a Pro

Use code “ELEGANCE15” to get $15 off. Learn how to walk in heels from a pro-dancer and gain catwalk-level confidence, poise, and elegance with your walk in just a month!

Who is Sarah Bohdanova?

Sarah Bohdanova, is a world Class Pro-dancer and Award-Winning Coach from Project Femininity Inc based in Canada. She will teach you the best ways on how to improve wearing heels fast (because who wants to wait years?), and how you can have that feminine allure that comes with walking gracefully in heels.  You will

  • Learn the correct fundamentals that are good for your body when it comes to wearing heels.
  • Learn how to effectively ELIMINATE the PAIN and the DISCOMFORT that comes with wearing heels.
  • Fix the wobbly ankles, squished toes, and tired feet that come with wearing heels!

Why am I recommending this course?

I don’t know about you, but one of my earliest memories of walking in heels involves 4,5 year old me wobbling in my mother’s 3-inch heels, and feeling like I was on top of the world. Except, that was a dangerous thing, and I would have twisted my ankles.That was back in the 90’s, and even now, more than 2 decades later, I still love wearing heels. Here’s why.

Walking gracefully in high heels adds to your feminine allure. It enhances the sway of your hip movement and makes your gait more appealing. Not only that, when done right, wearing heels feels amazing!

But it does not come easy to many, and maybe you you secretly have a pair of heels in your closet you’ve never worn because every time you try to, the shoes are either too high for you to walk comfortably or the shoe pinches your toes, or you simply cannot handle the body weight pressure that comes with it. And with the COVID Stay at home, I am sure some are dreading wearing heels again! (Is that you?). If you have always wanted to make wearing heels truly fun, and an effortless habit, this online course is for you

How will you learn how to walk in heels?

The online course has 5 keys lessons, each covering keys body parts that affect the nature of your walk. Each lesson has an introduction video that is followed by a practice lesson that you should undertake for about a month in order to master your walk. The content is straight to the point, and it should not take you a long time to finish.

The 5 lessons are as below:

LESSON 1: LEGS AND FEET The first lesson covers legs and feet. This lesson is the foundation for your gorgeous stride. The foundation lesson will help you overcome lack of balance when walking in heels, know how to overcome clunky movement, and how to master a proper look and feel of your walk using proper flow and sequence so that you can strut like a queen.

LESSON 2: HIP MOVEMENT – The second lesson covers how to move your hips when you walk. You will learn the different styles of secrets of hip movements to create that sexy, subtle and feminine look. You will learn proper flexibility, flow and form for your hips as you move, so that you can have controlled hip movements.

LESSON 3: POSTURE AND POISE – The third lesson is all about having your posture and poise on point to create beautiful elegant lines and sexy silhouettes so that your body looks your best by adding balance and freedom to your movement. You will learn how to have maximum lift and stretch in your body to lift the natural curve of your spine and how to accentuate your neckline, and how to maintain these correct postures as you walk.

LESSON 4: MASTER YOUR WALK – In the fourth lesson, you will learn how to master 3 styles of walks – based on where your feet step to an invisible straight light and intensity of your movement as you walk.  The 3 types of walk are relaxed elegance, the subtle sexy and the bomb shell strut, and you can personalize and style your walk based on your moods, comfort level and occasions.

LESSON 5: ARMS – The fifth  lesson covers how your arms tie all what you have learned in the first four lessons, by balancing your hips and legs. You will learn how to have softness and flexibility in your arm movement in three different arm styles and directions to match your walks to create super feminine looks in your own style.


What's the Investment?

The course investment is $97 exclusive of tax. But with the code “ELEGANCE15” you will get $15 off. Once you make the payment, you will have unlimited access to the learning platform. You may rewind or pause the course lessons as many times as you wish and go at your own pace. You will need to practice the lessons learned and undertake the recommended physical exercises for about a month or so for you to get that feminine, graceful walk that you definitely must have!


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