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social etiquette & femininity

Polish your social etiquette, manners, and deportment from a world class etiquette coach so that you gracefully stand out. Use code “EH25′ to get $25 off your order.

Learn how to walk in heels from a pro-dancer and confidence, poise, and elegance with your walk in just a month! Use code “ELEGANCE30” to get $30 off. 

Learn how to use the wisdom of your menstrual cycle to show up in your dating, work and relationships in an authentic way. No more emotional outbursts without meaning.


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Guided self color analysis

Discover in less than 90 minutes, what are the best colors for you to wear and how they will make you look livelier, radiant and elegant —  no matter your gender, race or age! This self-color analysis guided by a color expert, and is available as a bonus when you purchase the Elegant Style Handbook.