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fine dining etiquette ($69)

Fine dining is more than just about which cutlery to use and the top-tier food in front of you. How you interact with others at the table will show how refined and well-cultured you are.

social etiquette ($169)

Your social capital depends on how well you can hold your own when you walk into a room. Fix faux pax mistakes you did not even know you were making that are costing your reputation.

business etiquette ($269)

This business etiquette course will help you gain proper business etiquette skills that will enhance your corporate success.  You can also recommend this to your husband, or friends.

online REFINEMENT courses

Polish your social etiquette, manners, and deportment from a world class etiquette coach so that you gracefully stand out. Use code “EH25′ to get $25 off your order.

Learn how to walk in heels from a pro-dancer and confidence, poise, and elegance with your walk in just a month! Use code “ELEGANCE15” to get $15 off. 


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Guided self color analysis

Discover in less than 90 minutes, what are the best colors for you to wear and how they will make you look livelier, radiant and elegant —  no matter your gender, race or age! This self-color analysis guided by a color expert, and is available as a bonus when you purchase a Personal Branding and Style Consultation.